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Customer Reviews

Shoji Masuda

Japan,  01.01.2013

Thank you for your kindness and thank you for your special new year meal. We enjoyed it.

David Wilson

Qatar,  29.12.2012

Fantastic accommodation. but a lovely place. Thank you for sharing your home.

Cherryl Osborne

Hong Kong,  28.12.2012

Only have overnight, but a lovely place. Thank you for sharing your home.


Russian Federation,  26.12.2012

Comfortable.Nice Swimming pool. Very friendly staff.

Ron Mintle

United States,  02.06.2012

What a magnificent relaxing place. Thanks for an escape to relax to enjoy Sri Lanka.

Mark Stedern

New Zealand,  2013-01-23

This is a very well maintained property. The room was very well furnished with wi/fi kitchen including sink microwave refrig. The front desk was very pleasant. This hotel is maybe five minutes from car rental return near the airport.


Australia,  2012-01-02

It was our last evening in Sri Lanka, so we decided to stay in this hotel because of the early flight. There is free transfer to the airport and it's not far from that place. The main merit is average. The problem is that you can't find something average in this country. Too many people, too many cars, dirty and so on. So when you come to this average clean hotel with good aircondition, european standarts and so on... You just can relax in the good room. Nothing special, but it;s really good after spending 2 weeks in Sri Lanka.

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